Center for Structural Biology

Thursday, February 23, 2017
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The X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory consists of a Rigaku/MSC MicroMax-007 Microfocus rotating anode generator, Saturn-92 Digital CCD Camera system, and an R-AXIS IV imaging plate system, which was upgraded with an inverse phi axis. Both ports on the generator are outfitted with Varimax HR optics. The protein crystallization facilities are conveniently located adjacent to the X-Ray Diffraction Laboratory; these include a 100 ft2 cold room dedicated to crystallization, a Belle Technology Clear View Glove Box for preparing and cryo-cooling crystals in the absence of oxygen, and a Gryphon high throughput crystallization robot.

Grants from the North Carolina Biotechnology Center funded the purchase of the Gryphon robot, in addition to a 4DX Systems AB single-crystal microspectrophotometer and a Tecan Safire2 monochromator-based microplate reader.