Protein Analysis Lab

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Room 107
Bowman Gray Technical Center
Building 611-13W

Shipping Address:
Attn: Mark Morris / PACL
Dept. Biochem/CSB[BGTC]
Medical Center Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27157

Mark O. Lively, Ph.D.,
Professor of Biochemistry

Technician: Mark Morris

Phone: (336) 716-2581

Fax: (336) 777-3242

The Protein Analysis Core Lab (PACL) at Wake Forest University provides a variety of services for scientists to analyze their protein of interest.

The lab can provide technical expertise and advice for preparing your protein samples for analysis. Most procedures can be done with very small amounts of protein (less than 1 micromole) and turnaround time is only a few days.